Senior Graphic Design Exhibition 2019


Identity is the collective work of the 2019 St. Edward's University senior graphic design class. This exhibition showcases the intersection of creativity, ingenuity, and tenacity of this group of twenty-one designers. We invite you to visit the exhibition at the St. Edward's University Fine Arts Gallery.

Friday, February 1, 2019, 6pm - 8pm

February 1–22, 2019


Elliott Adams

Loganberry Brewery


Helaine Bach

Beit Midrash

Based on the age old Jewish tradition of chevruta study parternships, the desktop app Beit Midrash encourages users to search for partners and use tools within the app to engage in their Torah study through social annotation and integration with existing apps such as Sefaria and the Google Suite.

Shelby Charette

The Barriers
Between Us

The Barriers Between Us is a coloring book that discusses the topic of race and exlains the role I-35 played in Austin, Texas.

Alex Clarke


Endangered is a poster project whose aim is to incorporate augmented reality as a tool for awareness over endangered species in Texas. It gives people an overview of the threats facing the bird and to make them aware of some of the efforts being made to strip it of its endangered status.

Emma Drumright

Jazz Hands

Jazz Hands is an educational iPad app with the goal of introducing jazz music to children ages 5–8. Through interactive activities and bright characters, this app works to spark kids' inner-musicians and encourage them to learn, listen, and play through jazz music.

Loren Gamez


Named after the Roman god of "gates, transitions, time, doorways, and passages," Janus is a mobile navigation app with accessibility in mind, inspired by my twin sister who is wheelchair bound and the struggles my family faces trying to find accessible places on road trips.

Aly Gorday

Not Today Uterus

Not Today Uterus is a booklet about how to manage life with Endometriosis. This book will explain what Endometriosis is and tricks and tips to make life easier. The objective is to spread awareness for this disease and let women know they are not alone in this fight.

Hannah Kerns


Lemonade is a minimum wage decision game. This playful take on the topic of minimum wage aims to show players the high possibility of dropping below the poverty line, even when monthly earnings are spent carefuly, hence: "When life gives you lemons..."

Marie Kossougro


X-Labor is a campaign denouncing child labor. The objective of this campaign is to reveal multi-nationals that use child labor, the major industries concerned and illustrate it through graphics and their logos. The website diplays data and facts about child labor.

Magdalena Lopez


EN CASA is an online store of natural, handmade, and fairly traded home goods, taking pride in working with Mexican artisans. The aim is for customers to enjoy art that shows tradition and history, while adding style and personality to their living areas!

Yenesis Moreno


Cosmetics + aesthetics. Cosmthetics is a service that creates an entirely custom subscription beauty box for the makeup enthusiast. This service gathers information about you through surveys to design both the products and the packaging.

Alex Pesina

It's a Houston Thing

Houston rap is one of a kind. The project highlights 5 Houston rappers and the cultural influence they have on design. This limited edition box set helps create the visual narrative behind the music.

Elisa Robles

The Jungle

The Jungle is a web publication that opens up conversation about our environment. It intends to explore more deeply the relationship between humans and nature by covering thought-provoking topics about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

Sabrina Smith

Eclectic Magica

Eclectic Magica is a spellbook created for individuals interested in modern magic and its use in the 21st century. Fused with authentic and contemporary magic of Wicca, the book features 15 spells and background info to instruct those who are curious about modern magic and its place in society.

Logan Stallings

Hygge in Praxis

Hygge in Praxis is a periodical that aims to define the concept and narrative of home and expand upon it in a way that is accessable and understandable through personal narratives, research, interviews, illustrations, and the Danish philosphy of 'hygge.'

Ellise Stokes

Monster Monthly

Monster Monthly is a women's magazine with a fantastical twist focusing on women that live on the boundaries of socially acceptable. This website features several original illustrations and written works, as well as a link to social media.

Amy Tondre


Absurdity is an exploration of storytelling in a zine format. This collection of zines is based on dreams which results in strange narratives told through illustration and collaging.

Mali Tribune


Inspired by the functionalities of the smartphone, Softwear was created as a framework that would yield sustainable use of textiles. Applying UX design sensibilities to fashion accentuates the intent of how and why we consume apparel.

Anthony Truong-Nguyen

The A24 Collection

A24 is an independent film company that has garnered a dedicated cult following for its critically acclaimed movies. This limited edition collection celebrates each of its films with special artwork that fans can collect.

Carmen Viloria

Project Elevate

Project Elevate is a mentorship program for diverse individuals working to become entrepreneurs. The project offers professional mentorship and partnership opportunities, and affords higher chances of gaining support from venture capital investors.

Allyson Wiest

Sans Bar

The focus of the Sans Bar project is addiction recovery. In rebranding a sober bar, the idea is that this venue has the potential to be a helpful tool in the drug & alcohol addiction recovery community, raising awareness for support. My goal is to have one less death due to low social connections during recovery.


St. Edward's University Fine Arts Center
3001 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704

Take the South Congress entrance into campus. Turn left at first stop sign. The gallery is located in front of the Fine Arts Center (second building on the right after the stop sign). Parking is available in the lot in front of the Fine Arts Center.


All vehicles on campus are required to have a permit to park. Please register your vehicle for a permit in advance.

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