The Ginger Life

Name: Kimberly Irwin
Description: Being a redhead is about more than just having red hair; it’s a way of life and a sense of self. Redheads make up only roughly 1-2% of the world’s population, so we are a rare breed. We make up a tiny group of pale skinned, freckled, and electrifyingly bright haired individuals often referred to as “gingers”, and sometimes referred to as “soulless”. Redheads endure a certain walk of life that most people are unaware of. With my book, I would like to be able to show non-redheads what it’s like to be a redhead and the fact that it has a huge impact on your life and defines who you are. The world is a blonde and brunette one, and redheads are just random little mutants that awkwardly try to fit into it.