Trail Boss

Name: Josh Ibarra
Description: Fashion has been an interest of mine since I was a little kid. My concern for what I wore stemmed from my insecurity as a little boy who had his four front teeth pulled by the dentist. I wore clothes I thought were cool to draw attention away from my awkward smile. Eventually my adult teeth came in, but my interest in apparel was still there. This interest has lingered in my mind for years and finally led me to the idea of creating my own brand of apparel distinct to my lifestyle and heritage. Creating a brand requires two main components: design and business. Each plays an important role to the success of the brand. The design of the brand includes the logo, brand identity, and apparel concepts. The business of the brand manages the financials, logistics, projections, and marketing strategies. I will conduct an investigation to explore these two facets of branding, and cultivate a t-shirt brand that displays a distinct lifestyle and heritage of Texas.

My objective is to create a startup t-shirt company and design a t-shirt series related to the brand identity. Another objective is to make a business plan that explains what the brand is, whom it is intended for, market analysis, logistics, and projections for the future.

I believe there is a niche market for young adults in college interested in high quality clothing with modern design and Texas style. My goal for the t-shirt brand is to take modern design elements of today’s youthful trends and tie these in with the Texas culture and tradition to produce a brand that stands for craftsmanship, cleanliness, rich heritage, and Texas charm. The t-shirts will be fun and distinct, while maintaining a sophisticated edge.