An opinion is commonly referred to as a personal judgement or viewpoint on something. The opinions we make over any given subject in some cases depend on our involvement with it. My project, View of the Frontlines, is the perceptions of the United States Military based on whether a person was directly associated with the military by knowing someone in it or had no personal association with it at all. I composed a survey that consisted of four questions: 1. Do you know someone in the military? 2. Describe the military in 5 adjectives. 3. What are your thoughts on the war? 4. Is the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' a progression or regression? Based on the answers to the first question I organized the information on 4 panels, each panel addressed one of the survey questions with the answers for people who have a military association on one side, and those who do not have a military association on the other. The purpose of this project was to highlight the differences or similarities in the opinions of people based on this emotional attachment or detachment from the military.